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NOTE: Khana Commune is currently on partial-hiatus. We no longer run regularly, but we have been known to pop up here and there, once in a blue moon. So keep in touch by signing up to the mailing list and liking our Facebook page, for all updates on future events. We most recently hosted two dinners in in January 2015 in Singapore (view photos here). And who knows, some say we may be making an appearance in New York City sometime soon… 

Khana Commune is Singapore’s first supper club.

That’s a private kitchen/ paladares/ home restaurant, secret underground makan hole whatever….if any of those terms sound familiar to you.

Once in awhile, I fix a date, 20 people send in an RSVP and book tickets, and one fine evening, we all have dinner at my house. I cook home-cooked, genuine Bengali cuisine… with a touch of fusion. My mum cooks too, so there’s alotta mum’s cookin’.

I’ve been running since November 2010, and have hosted over 50 dinners and 1000 guests — mostly in our family home in Singapore, and some at my sister’s place in London.

Thank you for visiting and if you’re still curious — check out my blog posts and dinner/food photos.

I’ve been a little lazy about blogging lately… but you can read a summary of our 2011 dinners here. Or, read all the awesome newspapers and magazines who have written about us here. or heck, if you feel like some food porn, have a gander through my Facebook photo menu. One of my favourite dinners was the Arab Spring Dinner in London and Singapore, I’m quite proud.


Born in Singapore. Of Bangladeshi origin. Lived and worked in London, Cairo and Dhaka. Currently based in New York City. Born and brought up in Singapore, my favourite class in school was Food & Nutrition/ Home Economics. But my love and passion for food truly began when I moved to London at the age of 16. Eight years of living abroad, has cemented the motto, ‘Live to eat’, in me.  My passion for food is exercised in various ways, through this supper club, through cooking in my own spare time, poring over cookbooks, researching online recipes to create my own, buying awesome new kitchen gadgets, and traveling and eating and trying out new restaurants all over the world. My curiosity for global cuisine has taken me from Zanzibar to Pyongyang to Sydney (okay, nobody goes to Pyongyang for the food…).

There is no end game for me in this. In my own small way, I hope to bring a little corner of Bangladesh to Singapore, show off our fabulous cuisine to the world… while dispelling some common stereotypes about an oft-misunderstood country. I don’t wish to one day open my own restaurant, nor start a catering business. I simply love this right now, eating, hosting, and sharing stories with strangers over this universal human love of food —  a common passion that breaks all cultural and religious barriers.

2 Responses to Hello

  1. banglacow says:

    you are beautiful !

  2. VeganAsh says:

    I love the business concept! Have you thought about doing a vegetarian/vegan dinner some day? It would definitely require a lot of culinary creativity and hence would probably be more fun for you as well!

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