“Loved the food and the ambience. Company was awesome too! Thank you for bringing everyone together and for cooking up a meal I’ll always remember. Love figs and aubergine!”

“One of the best and most memorable meals of 2011 for me. Truly enjoyable and educational. Thanks for sharing your passion for food.”

“1 word: EXCELLENT! Lip smacking goodness….”

“Amazing food! I look forward to eating here again..”

“Zina, you’re a star! Can’t wait for next time.”

“You rock! Great food, great hosting… Lovely time. I am so glad we met in Cairo.”

“The food, the ambience, the warm hospitality, the kitchen!!! You’ll definitely see me again!

“Thank you for an amazing dinner! Good luck for the rest & see you soon for sure!!”

“Thank you for the succulent burgers, great atmosphere and hospitality as always. Keep it going — I’ll be back!”

“The food was amazing! Loved the concept and the entire set-up. I hope Khana Commune becomes very successful! Def hope to come back soon!! Cya!”

“Thanks for hosting this great and awesome dinner party!! Had much fun and it was definitely great meeting new friends. Please host another soon!”

“Finally I was able to get a spot at your dinner table! Great burgers – all stuffed now. Thanks for a great initiative and well done.”

“Hey Zina, You are the Princess! Great food!”

“Mucho gracias. It’s a lovely evening, wonderful food & great new environment. Keep the energy going… I hope to come again.”

“Thanks Zina! Really enjoyable evening — makes such a nice change from a regular restaurant! Definitely would like to come again.”

“Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess! When S arranged dinner I thought I was coming to a restaurant….wow I was wrong….It was such a lovely evening and the people and food was fantastic!”

“It is a privilege to be accepted into your home …twice!! Hope to be back many times and watch Khana grow and develop.”

“Awesome dinner, food, night….! Keep up with the experiments. Looking forward to checking out the next dinner sometime soon.”

“Thank you for an amazing dining experience.”

“Great food and great atmosphere! Really enjoyed the night and made some new friends! Will be back again for sure.”

“Lovin’ it! Great food. Thanks for sharing your talents.”

“Thumbs up for such a tasty evening with great company. I can’t wait to return.”

“Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful home. Awesome food coupled with warm company.”

“Thanks for having us at your place. It was an interesting experience. The food was great and I especially liked the beef. The mixed berry delight washed the meal down perfectly. You have interesting furniture too and we had fun exploring your lounge. Will definitely come back for more!”

“Thanks for a fantastically tasting dinner with so many exciting flavors – a real entertainment for the taste buds!”

“I am so pleased that I finally made it to one of your fabulous evenings. It was everything I’d hoped for – great company and the food – don’t get me started!!! Hope to be back.”

“Thanks for another fabulous dinner with wonderful company. You are a fantastic host, I’ll be back again and again!”

“Thank you for the amazing hospitality and the delicious food! YOUR CHUTNEY ROCKS!”

“The hospitality is much appreciated. Beautiful home and delicious food, not to mention good company.”

“Thank you for a wonderful evening with lots of interesting people and an excellent gulab jamun. I had a great time.”

“Really great and unique food. Loved everything you served. Looking forward to more.”

“STILL great! Thanks again, Zina! I will be back yet again, to be sure!”

“Lived up to all the Facebook and Twitter marketing. Brilliant, loved it. Move to Hong Kong and cook for me every day. I’ll pay you.”

“A wonderful setting, excellent food, great company, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Food is glorious and gorgeous!”

“An exceptional experience, with excellent food that teases the pallate. I had a great evening.”

“The food was simply awesome…. Love the Arabic coffee. Definitely worth a return. Thanks guys.”

4 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Carolyn says:

    Incredible food and hospitality, and such a treat to dine in someone’s home!!

  2. kintarasan says:

    Thanks for all the hospitality, all the great food, and a fab way to start the weekend on Friday. Or was that more of Abdul’s strong coffee! 😛

  3. Edwin says:

    Thank you so much for a dinner that was out of this world! For letting us in your home and championing this avenue that allows such lovely socializing. Please keep going!

  4. Rahul, Becki and Lynda says:

    What can we say — wow! I walked in with high expectations and you far surpassed them… great host, lovely company + excellent food clearly cooked with love. The one let down — no spare bed for us to stay in, we want breakfast! Will definitely spread the word + of course will be back very soon. Thanks Zina — Rahul, Becki, Lynda (your new bestfriends)

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