2011 for Khana Commune: One Year in Summary

2011 was an incredible year for Khana Commune. In May, we went ‘full-time’ and there’s been no looking back since. A few of the highlights:

JULY: I held my first ever Singles Night. 8 starter courses for 8 single men and 8 single women. It was one of my longest running evenings, where people only started going home at 12.30am! It was a night like any other Khana Commune night, where strangers get together over their love of food……except on this night, everyone happened to be single.

APRIL: I found inspiration in plenty of overseas supper clubs. I visited New York City where I tried a dumpster diving night and a vegan supper club in Brooklyn: “4-Course Vegan”

4-Course Vegan

AUGUST: I launched Khana Commune London with my sister, Fareena, in August (click here to see pictures of the first dinner), which has been receiving rave reviews and will be holding a very special event soon: The Arab Spring Lunch (where I will be attending!). We also launched a shared online platform: khanacommune.com

Our inaugural set of guests at the first ever London Commune

APRIL: I held my first all vegetarian dinner with a special performance from Mara Menzies, a professional story teller. I also threw a burger bbq commune and a salt block commune.

Mara Menzies telling stories of Africa at the Vegetarian Commune

scallops cooking on a salt block

FEBRUARY: I found inspiration in London’s supper club scene: from Saltoun Supper Club to Leluu’s Vietnamese to London’s first Singaporean supper club, plussixfive!

Leluu served up Vietnamese at her popular supper club

It has been an amazing year of press coverage, no less from The Business Times, TimeOut Singapore, Guardian UK, CnnGo.com, Shape magazine, J-plus magazine, The New Paper, FEMALE magazine, Savour magazine, Food & Travel magazine and most amazingly — a small mention in Ms Marmite’s inaugural book, “Supper Club”.

Khana Commune, featured in food+travel magazine

SEPTEMBER: I had an array of wonderful guests chefs, from Nithiya Laila’s beetroot soup to Mara Menzies’ Kenyan chicken curry “kuku nyanya” to my brother-in-law, Abders, visiting from the UK, with his fiery Rajasthani lamb curry. A huge thank you to these wonderful people for their contributions.

Guest Chef Nithiya Laila’s whipped beetroot soup

my brother-in-law, Abders, sharing his love of coffee with our guests at the Eid Commune

DECEMBER: I also visited some all-new supper clubs in Singapore from the Secret Cooks Club to Brunch & Co.

Me with Chef Louise, of Brunch & Co supper club

NOVEMBER: And finally, I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Khana Commune with our 29th and 30th dinner in November. The Anniversary dinner saw a special performance from Ambarish Ghosh, a local Bengali singer.

jars of homemade tomato & chilli chutney prepared as take-home gifts for my guests

Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness and for making this an incredible, incredible year. Here’s to more brilliant food, company and adventures in 2012!

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1 Response to 2011 for Khana Commune: One Year in Summary

  1. Bea says:

    Congrats on the 1 year Khana Commune!
    Can’t wait till you have the next supper. We really want to join for one.

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