30 dinners and the end to an epic year

Dear Friends,

This weekend we will be celebrating the ONE YEAR anniversary of Khana Commune.

On November 26th, 2010, I threw my first ‘commune’. For 8 friends, I cooked my first supper club meal, without my mother, without the help of even Wati. It was one of the most nerve-wrecking days I’ve experienced in recent times, but it was all worth it. One year on, Khana Commune is still going strong and this weekend I will have hosted my 30th dinner to date! I have truly enjoyed each and every single one of them and I cannot be more thankful to each and every one of you who have graced our doorstep over the last year. I mean it when I say that this supper club has changed MY life, and I hope it has touched your lives in some small way too.

And thank you for bringing a whole new meaning to the word ‘commune’.


I have 2 small announcements:

My sister Fareena, who runs Khana Commune London, will be hosting a special dinner this weekend to celebrate alongside the anniversary of Khana Commune Singapore. This will be the second evening she will have hosted since starting the London Edition, and I know she is experiencing the same emotions and excitement I went through one year ago. I could not be more proud and I wish her all the best. I have no doubt one year down the road, Khana Commune London will be taking the UK supper clubbing scene by storm.

This weekend in London: Our mother dearest, Mahmuda, is currently visiting her in the U.K and she will be guest chef for the evening!! A rare treat, so do let your friends and family in London know if they would like to attend. It isn’t often that a Bengali mother and chef throws a supper club in London! She has 2 tickets left only for November 25th.
Details can be found on her blog: http://khanacommunelondon.wordpress.com

The booking page for our last dinner for 2011 is also now open. On December 8th (Thursday), we will be hosting our last dinner before closing shop for the holidays. I will not be hosting anymore dinners until late-January 2012, so don’t miss this opportunity.
Bookings can be made here: http://www.apesnap.com/org/khanacommune

**** Due to overwhelming demand, I have now opened up a “second-last” dinner date. December 7th (Wednesday). Book here: http://apesnap.com/event/dec7

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon and for the rest of you, Merry Christmas and have an amazing end to the year. Here’s to many more culinary experiences and delights in 2012!!!

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