Is this a supper club?

Yes! Popularly known as supper clubs in the UK/USA — but here in Singapore, the concept is rather alien. I’m here to change things! Supper club/ paladares/ underground dining…..they’re all the same, I like to see it as a dinner party open to the public.

Who would come to this sort of thing?

If you’re a foodie, if you like adventure, trying out new places to eat, meeting and dining with new people – then this is for you. This isn’t food you’ll find in a restaurant, the unique fusion of cuisines and the genuine nature of home cooked food can’t be replicated at any commercial restaurant. 

Why are you doing this?

I love food, I love cooking. I also love dinner parties, entertaining, and meeting new people. See where this is going? I’ve also always wanted to share my mother’s cooking with the world. I’ve been asked why I don’t just start a restaurant, but they are too much a commitment, and once a passion becomes a full time job, the passion starts to die. I prefer to keep my love for food/cooking as a part time hobby.

Starting and running a supper club, is also about being part of a movement. It’s about going back to the beauty and simplicity of home cooking. So few people cook at home these days, its seen as such a chore. Supper clubs are about melding dining out with dining in. Singaporeans especially, have no home cooking traditions. People here hardly use their kitchens – when my family moved into this house in 2004, my mum broke the back wall down and incorporated the entire back porch into her kitchen. The original kitchen was pathetic – it was the size of a store room. Today, the kitchen in our house is bigger than most of the bedrooms in it. It’s our favourite place to converge and exchange stories at the end of the day.

Who cooks?

I do. Regular guest chefs include my mother and our housekeeper Wati. I also hope to invite other amazing cooks in my life to participate in future dinners.

Please note: We are not professional chefs — my mother has simply been cooking out of love for her family for 35 years. The food we serve is not ‘gourmet’, it is simply great home cooking Bangladeshi-style. You definitely won’t find any of the food we serve in any restaurant in the world.

What is the food like?

My meals are a fusion of flavours and cuisines, although the two biggest influencers are Indonesian and Bengali ingredients. My family are originally from Bangladesh, and my mother is a star Bengali chef. Most of us think our mother’s are the best cooks ever, but I’m telling you, mine’s better than yours. Our housekeeper, Wati, who hails from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is (we are blessed) also an amazing cook. She hopes to someday return home to start her own restaurant. These are the two women who have handed down their mind blowing recipes to me. Other than that, my own cooking style is a fusion of the flavours and foods I’ve experienced living and working in Singapore, London, Bangladesh and Egypt. This is why khana commune is not an ‘Indian restaurant’. There’s nowhere else you’ll find fiery sambal prawn, paired with black cod miso, finished off with a gulab jamon, all at the same table.

How many people can dine together?

Right now, my table(s) fits 8 + 8 (16 people in total). Come alone, come with a friend or book the entire evening for 16 people. 

Come alone?! Does this mean I’ll be dining with strangers?

Yes! And possibly! That’s part of the experience. khana commune is about bringing all kinds of people, whether strangers or friends, together over good food in a cozy, casual and original setting. If you are a tourist, and traveling alone, it’s the perfect way to get some company during dinner and see how a local family lives and dines at home in Singapore.

What if I don’t want to dine with strangers? Can I make a private booking?

Absolutely. Gather a group of friends together, think of some possible dates and email me for details. Best to contact me well in advance.

How do I make a booking at one of your dinners?

Visit my Reservations page to see upcoming dinners or go straight to my bookings website where you can immediately view all upcoming dates, availability and confirm your booking through payment.

You were previously taking ‘donations’. Why do I have to pay in advance via credit card now?

As I started running way more frequently, it became increasingly difficult to manage my list of reservations on a simple Excel sheet. Handling 16 guests a week is no easy task. Handing the work over to Apensnap makes my life helluvalot easier, and allows me more time to plan awesome meals and evenings for you. It also means you don’t have to go running around looking for an ATM machine on the morning of my dinner (we know what a nightmare that is in Singapore.) So, everybody wins!

what the heck is ‘khana’?

You don’t watch enough Bollywood. It means ‘food’ in Bengali. Bengali is the national language of Bangladesh, which is where my family are originally from.

What do you want for your birthday?

So nice of you to ask! Cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and anything awesome that I could use for khana commune (hint: cool canape spoons…).