Supper Club Hunting: Ms. Marmite’s The Underground Restaurant

In January this year, I finally made it to Ms. Marmite’s The Underground Restaurant. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of supper clubs, Ms Marmite is a legend. She is a pioneer of supper clubs in the UK, has published her own recipe collection “Supper Club” (in which Khana Commune is listed, yay!) and is probably one of the most successful supper club hosts in the world. She runs beautifully crafted, creative themed dinners, she hosts Underground Markets in her home, I think JK Rowling tried to sue her… all marks of a genius. And when I started my own supper club, I emailed her, and she sent me lots of helpful advice; she is super encouraging of others opening up their own home kitchens and is basically an all around really sweet lady.

So. Going to her place has been a major goal of mine. But despite twice yearly visits to the UK it’s taken me little over a year to pin down a booking at one of her events and ….whaddya know, I made it for the fantabulously themed DOLLY PARTON night!

The food served was all in theme with Dolly Parton. Everything was a recipe from down south in the US of A. These were deep fried pickles with hot sauce.

Cornbread served with amazing maple syrup butter.

baked potatoes with cottage cheese

collard greens & brokeback beans

this was one of my favourites! Maple Syrup Corn
on the cob

Beautiful blackened catfish. So succulent.

Dessert: cherry pie

Our table. It was also a special night because this was my sister Fareena’s first supper club experience! The perfect girly date.

All dolled up DP-style

Her awesome kitchen – I loved this. Reminds me of the Saucepan Man from The Enchanted Forest by Enid Blyton

The famous Aga

Kerstin aka Ms Marmite (right) with her daughter and fellow supper club host from Edinburgh, Aoife Behan (centre) of My Home Supper Club

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