My mother’s famous Sweet Chilli Tomato Chutney is now available to take home! 

Background to this chutney: My mum first created this chutney as an accompaniment to her ‘Tehari’ (biryani-type dish made with rice and beef). Best served cold, the sweet and spicy notes compliment any savoury dish brilliantly, especially meat-based dishes. It can go equally well with a nice smoked cheese. Throw away that bottle of Thai Sweet Chilli sauce sitting in your fridge – this is the real thing.
Tomatoes, Garlic, Red Chilli, Sugar. Absolutely nothing else, no preservatives, gelling agents, or artificial flavours or colours.

Available in two sizes:
260ml: $7.00
400ml: $14.00
To order:
Send me an email to, with the following details: how many bottles of chutney you’d like to order, what size bottles and when you’d like to pick them up by ideally. It would help me if you make the order a few days in advance, as I like to prepare the chutney fresh.
Once prepared though it lasts a very long time.