Diwali double madness

Happy Diwali to all…….and what a great gathering last night in Singapore! 17 complete strangers and so many new friends. And….we are doing it all again tonight! First time we are hosting TWO nights in a row. It’s a bit of work but saves time in so many other ways. I am all the more looking forward to tonight because I am so pleased with how the night before went.

Here’s a sneak peek at a new dish I made last night.The components aren’t new but the combination most certainly is: Aubergine Mash (Begun Bhartha) sitting on a bed of creamy thick Onion Dahl topped with a roasted autumn Fig. The aubergine, made in the traditional Bengali way, packs a powerful punch of flavour, tempered by the sweet caramelisation caused by roasting the fig slowly in the oven for an hour.

I am obsessed with cooking aubergine. I really am. Odd, because I don’t like it very much!

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