Pictures: New dishes, recipes

It’s been a busy busy couple of months since I’ve been back from London. My sister and her husband, Fareena and Abders, (now the London Edition of Khana Commune officially! Check ’em out, so proud!) were visiting for a month, I went on a trip to North Korea and Beijing (I promise to share pictures and insights, it was an amazing trip!) and most recently, I’ve been attending rehearsals for a play that will debut tomorrow — click on the poster for tickets!

…………. so I have been feeling very guilty for neglecting this little ole blog o’ mine. Thus, for now I will leave you with some shots from our last few communes, including many new recipes we’ve been serving up.

I am most excited about this new recipe I’ve been trying from the Ottolenghi cookbooks I bought in London. Ottolenghi have this amazing ability to make vegetables taste awesome. Even cold. Their bistros are my favourite pitstops when going out for an impromptu picnic. The story of the pair of owners is most intriguing — Yotam and Sami, a gay couple both born in Jerusalem, however one is Jewish and the other Palestinian. Make love, not war — and cook while you’re at it.

Anyway this here is their Roasted Aubergine with Saffron Yogurt, Pine nuts, Basil and cherry tomatoes. The recipe calls for pomegranate but on my first try I used pomelo. Both variations were delicious (and this is coming from someone who hates aubergine!)


after — with pomelo

….and with pomegranate We also made Bombay Duck. There is no duck in this dish, it is actually a fish. This fish (below), to be precise: I have no idea what its called…. I asked the fishmonger but he could only give me a Chinese name which I will not even begin to try to pronounce (or spell). It is a slimy, slimy little creature and has the jaws of what appears to be a duck… hence the name.

Looks very different battered, fried and served with Mama’s Chutney.

We’ve been cooking two kinds of biryani. This here is a Sindhi chicken biryani recipe made with tomato and tamarind, and it is spicy as hell! Love it.

the sister-waitress is as lovely as the biryani….

And this is a Murg Pilao. Another variation of a chicken biryani we do in Bangladesh, this one is not spicy at all — it is made with yogurt and the chicken is cooked like a korma.

My sister made a coriander chutney to go with the biryani. A very different taste to our usual sweet and spicy tomato and chilli chutney — this one is alot more sour and salty, adding an altogether new dimension to savoury food.

Gula Melaka Kulfi with almond thins

Popagandhi’s Adrianna Tan also recently celebrated her 26th birthday with us and Nithiya baked her a cake!

We have some new dates in November and a handful of tickets left. Visit my booking page to secure your seat! See you all soon! xx

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