The London Edition….is back!

In August, I visited my sister, Fareena and her husband, Abders, who live in the U.K for a few weeks, and together we threw Khana Commune’s first pop-up dinner. In her small Whitechapel flat, we whipped up a meal for 10 (view the blog post here) ….and little did we know, we were laying the ground for an official London branch of Khana Commune. My sister and brother-in-law loved hosting a supper club so much they’ve decided to officially start their own version of Khana Commune. Their first dinner is on October 20th and you can read all about it here:

Tickets to this evening can be bought on their Eventbrite page:
Additionally, we now too share the same landing page, which I am super in love with, mainly because it says ‘London’ and ‘Singapore’ and seeing it creates a warm, fuzy glow in my stomach.Visit:

oh yeah baby.

Spread the word folks! Khana Commune London is the city’s first ever Bengali-Pakistani supper club and it may be right next to the heart of London’s curry mile and yet, it is anything BUT. This is the real thing.

To my Singapore guests, please tell your London friends!

much love,

Zina xx (Khana Commune — Singapore Edition ;))

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