When it rains…

Before the start of every commune, I make a small prayer. I ask, very nicely, if it would be possible for it to not rain tonight.  I have two tables for 16 people, and its alfresco dining. Rain would pose a bit of a problem. In fact, no rain all afternoon is best, as then my tables don’t get drenched and remain damp.

So far I’ve been amazingly lucky. Unusual, considering how much it rains in Singapore.

Until last week. The rain started in the morning, and by 5pm, I was panicking. What do I do? Bring dinner inside? But how do I fit 2 tables of 8 seats each inside my living room?!

I don’t. Instead, I do it sans tables. This Khana Commune took place in my living room, buffet style, and ended up actually being more ‘authentic’. My mother has been throwing dinner parties long before Khana Commune came into existence, and all her parties are always in this format. People sitting, standing, mingling, eating.

Most importantly — how do you make it work, sans table? Where do you put your plate, while holding cutlery? Well — you eat with your hands. Bengali style. And that’s what some of these lovely people did. Be proud of yourselves! Eating with your hands = the only way to enjoy food. Word.

In the end, it worked out perfectly. My guests got to talk to and meet more people than usual (when you’re sitting at a table you tend to speak to the 2-3 people immediately next to you) and it also meant that I got to mingle with everyone more easily. 10 points!

This is Louise (2nd from right). She’ll be starting her own Brunch Supper Club very soon!

Some folks came into the kitchen and perched themselves on my work table!Mama’s chicken biryani on the table

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  1. Juls says:

    Looks fantastic!

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