Pictures: Commune Thirteen (June 11)

This was for a private party, where my guests requested a half-vegetarian menu. They were a group of mostly Indian-origin, so they also requested for something ‘unusual’…. so none of the usual paneer or dahl or gulab jamoon. This is what we came up with:Sambal eggBeef & jackfruit stir-fry: This is a particularly Bangladeshi speciality. We keep the seeds of the jackfruit after eating the flesh, and with it create this unique stir-fry. I also made a vegetarian version without beef. Yam & Coconut bhartha (mash)The Ileesh is practically the national fish of Bangladesh.We slow-cook this dish until the bones become so soft, they are chewable and edible.I also served Stuffed Jalapenos, Sticky Coconut Rice stuffed with Goan green chilli chicken, and our Peanut & Pineapple salad …….but you all know what those look like 🙂

Dessert was Pumpkin Custard with Coconut parfait

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