Pictures: The Burger Commune

I’ve been excited about this one for awhile. I absolutely adore homemade burgers fresh off the grill. And I have had some recipes flying around in my head for awhile to incorporate into patty mixes. The two recipes I used for this evening were 1) Black pepper Beef — I usually use this recipe to make my lamb chops (2) Green chilli chicken — many of you know this recipe from our much-loved starter, “sticky coconut rice stuffed with green chilli chicken”. I also once used it with squid. And this time, I used the same recipe for my chicken burgers. I asked around at the end of the night, which everyone preferred, the beef or the chicken? And I got a fairly equal response for both! Hopefully, that’s a good thing 🙂 The only mishap of the night: the BBQ. I have to admit, I was a bit more blase about the whole BBQ thing than I should’ve been. It’s a little bit of a supper club suicide. And I usually like to say us women can do everything a man can, if not better — but not when it comes to BBQs. I perhaps did not take this into account when I put my chicken patties on the grill way too soon on top of a raging fire and kaboom! One side turned charcoal black. Ooops. I quickly hurried the rest into the kitchen and pan fried them on the stove. My guests were getting hungry. After the coals had settled into a cooler ember, I attempted the second burger, the beef, on top of the BBQ grill. Terrified they’d burn again, I kept a watchful eye. Turns out the heat had died down too much and they weren’t cooking fast enough. All in all, Khana Commune BBQ fail. Beef was hurried back into kitchen too, and thus was the end of my first official KC BBQ. Next time, I’m going to have an official BBQer on standby (only males need apply).

Chicken patties all ready to go

stuffed mushrooms

prawn & bean bhartha on crackers

mountains of burger buns

We don't do ketchup here. It's Mama's Tomato & Chilli chutney all the way....

my mango pili pili sauce....a hint of chilli, mango and Tanzania

Sauteed mushrooms & onions


homemade soggy fries….my favourite kind

Presenting.....the Black Pepper Beef burger

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