Pictures: Commune Ten

10 whole communes.

And this week, Khana Commune will have been running for 6 months. Gosh.

I want to thank each and every guest who has supported us over the last half year. Thank you for being open minded about dining experiences, thank you for being adventurous, and thank you for giving Khana Commune a chance. From running only once a month, with mostly a maximum of 8 friends and acquaintances, today Khana Commune is running 4 times a month, with 14 guests a time and most of whom I have the pleasure of meeting for the first time ever. I wish I could do more than once a week, but alas, such is the nature of a small, home kitchen. It has been an incredible ride, and the excitement simply doesn’t seem to diminish. After 10 dinners, I am still so excited about the many more to come, and the many more of you that I will soon meet and host in my home.

Some images from the tenth meal served here in our humble abode.

To start, I cooked scallops on my very exciting Himalayan salt blocks. Read this blog post where I describe this in more detail.I served these scallops with a peanut and pineapple salad. The saltiness of the scallops complimented the sweet and spicy nature of the salad really well.Prawn & bean ‘bhartha’ on cream crackers: Bhartha in Bengali means ‘mash’. This is literally a mash of the above named ingredients, a recipe of my mother’s that is simply delicious. We were originally going to serve this as part of the main course, but as Omkar very helpfully pointed out, the flavours of every dish are so distinct and powerful, it is better to serve them separately. And so, as a wonderful fusion of east and west, we plonked my mother’s bhartha on a cream cracker, sprinkled some coriander and served it. As part of the main course: Mama’s traditional chicken korma…..served with potato ‘chop’ (cutlets) stuffed with minced beefPulao basmati rice, cooked with almonds, fried onions and peas

And finally, my grandmother’s recipe of Caramel Pudding, with a bit of chocolate salt sprinkled on top.

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  1. Adrey says:

    I just read about the dinner party on timeOut sounds amazing. My fiancé n I would like to join the next dinner party. Do let us know when that will be and if you can accommodate two more. cheers! A

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