Pictures: Commune Eight

creamy mushroom soup with truffle oil and mascarpone

A banana and pandan leaf parcel of sticky rice stuffed with green chilli chicken. The banana leaf comes from our backyard!

Peanut and Pineapple Salad

Mama’s prawn curry

Mama’s chicken and potato curry served with homemade poori’s (below). This is typical breakfast food in our household. Whenever we have guests, mum prepares the dough and fries up these simple little beauties — I prefer them to parathas – they are lighter, crispier and way better to mop that curry up with. The chicken merely exists to give flavour, but the real part of the meal is the combo of poori with curry and a bit of soft, soft potato. Face-stuffing worthy.

I always say Khana Commune isn’t about me serving gourmet, ground breaking dishes to the public. It’s about sharing my childhood comfort foods with you. It’s allowing a stranger into my home, to try the dishes my mum brought us up on. This is definitely one of those dishes.

Mixed frozen berries with cocoa and mint

So it seems every commune of mine has a few firsts. With Commune 8, my ‘first’ for this particular evening was fainting on the job. That’s right. Smack in the middle of the main course, I started feeling light headed and had to promptly lie down on the living room couch. One of my guests walked in on me like this, sprawled on my back, and I promptly sat up and protested, claiming I wasn’t being a lazy supper club host, I was merely finding it difficult to stand up straight. Eek indeed. Luckily, I managed to man up eventually and continue serving my unknowing guests…..

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