Pictures: The Seventh Commune

Lots of exciting elements to my seventh ever commune.

A special guest, Adrianna Tan, one of my favourite Singaporean bloggers [of] was in attendance. It was also the first time we’d ever met — after a couple of years of online correspondence from time to time, and knowing we had a ridiculous number of mutual friends from the unlikeliest of places. Very honored that Adrianna was able to finally make it down to one of my communes — she’s a busy girl: from freelance travel and food writing/publishing/photography, to running a boutique digital agency to promoting an ice-cream making firm in KL — not forgetting being heavily involved in local politics here in Singapore, I’m amazed this girl manages to straddle two cities, nevermind make it to one of my communes! Normally living in KL, Adrianna was in town for the weekend and so brought along 11 of her friends, a super fun bunch. I somehow fed 15 guests in total on this night…..

….It was made easier of course, with the help of my guest chef, Nithiya Laila! Fabulous Nithiya made a delicious starter and an even more delectable dessert. Nithiya heads off soon to India to start a chilli farm, and she someday hopes to manufacture a variety of hot sauces. No doubt i’ll be serving these hot sauces at Khana Commune when they’re out. I really have such exciting, adventurous, free-spirited friends. They’re not all bankers thankfully!

the usual: stuffed mushrooms

Nithiya prepared the next course. What she likes to call “the Beautiful & the Damned Spicy Beetroot soup with whipped feta creme”

Tomatoes stuffed with snapper and bechamel (this is an older photo, I had no time to take photos of everything 😦

Goan green chili squid curry — This dish was inspired by a similar dish I had in a restaurant called Soul Fry in Bombay over Xmas. This dish comes with a big red (gren?) warning sign – it is not for the faint of heart. The base of the curry was made purely from green chillis — and needless to say, I set nearly everybody’s stomachs on fire. I really need to stop assuming people can handle the same amount of spice as me. Will be watering this down the next time I make it.

Beef tehari served with mum’s tomato chutney

And finally, Nithiya served the last course: Deconstructed Chendol, for dessert

Red bean cookie, green chendol jelly agar agar, gula melaka syrup and homemade coconut parfait. Everything made from scratch. I don’t often get to rave about the food at Khana Commune (because, well, I would seem terribly up myself) but dessert was AWESOME! Spent most of Sunday eating the parfait leftovers….

This was also my first commune held on a Saturday night……found myself bidding my last couple of guests goodbye at five am. Next time, I’m bringin’ out the DJ and spotlights…..

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1 Response to Pictures: The Seventh Commune

  1. kubhaer says:

    The food was excellent, the ambience perfect, and the experience sublime. I can’t stop recommending Khana Commune to my Singapore-based massive. Thanks again 🙂


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