burgers on the khana commune barbie

There is no comfort food like a good ole’ homemade burger grilled on a charcoal barbie. For the first time in a long time last weekend, I organised a very last minute BBQ at home for a few friends. It’s been awhile since I threw a dinner party that wasn’t a ‘commune’. And unlike my communes, there was only one item on the menu: BURGERS. And unlike the 2-3 day prep that usually goes into a commune, I was inviting friends over at 5pm, off to the supermarket at 6pm and had my coals burning in the front yard by 7.

Just making burgers didn’t mean the meal had to be boring of course. The beauty is in the infinite options of relishes, toppings and sauces. Spiced Gouda and shredded parmesan

Last minute barbies mean using blue cheese I bought from Harrods in September, which technically expired in November….still good enough to eat though!

Mushrooms and onions softened in butter

homemade fries, tossed with a bit of truffle oil

No burger is complete without our peanut and pineapple salad…..extra spiced.

This is the Tanzanian mango pili pili sauce (right) I made for my last commune. Since then, I’ve been finding numerous uses for it. First I discovered that it made an amazing salad dressing. Now it seems that it makes a shit awesome burger sauce. Not forgetting, mama’s tomato chutney of course. With these two sauces, there was no need for ketchup nor mayo.

homemade beef patties and rosemary lamb sausages

There is nothing quite like watching juice drip off your patties on the grill, sizzling as it hits the coal underneath. Pretty healthy and wholesome if you ask me. A last minute mix for the burger patties, I threw in the following:

  • dried herbs  – thyme and basil
  • Worcester Sauce
  • salted soy sauce
  • diced red peppers
  • onion, garlic and green chillis – blended into paste
  • sea salt & coarse black pepper
  • and lastly, egg yolks to hold the patty together

I love burgers because all your favorite recipes can be used to make one. Next on the agenda:

  • Goan green chilli chicken burgers (a different take on the same spices I use for my squid and sticky rice dishes)
  • A Chinese black pepper burger
  • and someday….a sous-vided burger. Someday.

I am actually thinking of doing a burger commune! Who’s up for it?

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One Response to burgers on the khana commune barbie

  1. jeremy says:

    sous vide burgers are amazing. shape holds perfectly thanks to vacuum packing and the inside will always be cooked spot on to desired doneness.

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