Pictures: Commune Six

Caramelised pears, smoked turkey bacon, walnuts and wild rocket — inspired by Arno Maasdorp of the Saltoun Supper Club, a supper club I visited in London in February, and my first ever underground dining experience

Commune Six was a bit of an ambitious jump for me. A menu of recipes I’d mostly never tried before & 10 guests, 8 of whom I’d never met before. And a menu that meant alot to me, as it was a collection of tastes and experiences I’d collected during a recent trip to Tanzania and London.

Jamie Oliver’s Fantastic Roast chicken — from The Naked Chef 2, a cookbook I picked up on my recent trip to London. But making roast chicken isn’t really my thing. I find it quite boring. I made it, really, to showcase…

…..this baby. My take on a hot sauce I had eeeevrywhere in Tanzania. Pili pili sauce. This version made with mango, red chillis, garlic. Best consumed with Zanzibari pizza. My version however, as I discovered soon after, is even better eaten as a salad dressing.

English Mackerel – flown over from the U.K. The mackerel there is infinitely better than anything you buy here in Singapore. Unfortunate, as mackerel, with its beautifully oily flesh is one of my favourite kinds of fish.

Frozen mixed berries – raspberries, blueberries, strawberries with cocoa and mint. Inspired by a one Ms. Samyukta Nagpal.

Also served: Stuffed mushrooms and Pandan leaf wrapped sticky rice stuffed with green chilli chicken (pictures can be viewed from previous communes)

I know I say this after every commune, but the ambiance at this one, maybe it was because there weren’t more than two people at the very most who knew each other, was brilliant. The last guests didn’t leave until past midnight – the latest a commune has ever gone on till. Professions present: journalist, artist, lawyer, producer, public relations consultant. Definitely a night to repeat.

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