Mama’s Chutney

I’m very excited today.

I’m finally ready to announce Khana Commune’s first ever take-home product!

Presenting…..Mama’s Sweet Chilli Tomato Chutney.


Aren’t the bottles adorable?

My mother first made this chutney as an accompaniment to her ‘Tehari’ (biryani-type dish made with rice and beef). Best served cold, the sweet and spicy notes compliment any savoury dish brilliantly, especially meat-based dishes. It goes equally well with a nice smoked cheese. Throw away that bottle of Thai Sweet Chilli sauce sitting in your fridge – this is the real thing.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Garlic, Red Chilli, Sugar. Absolutely nothing else, no preservatives, gelling agents, or artificial flavours or colours. It’ll last in your fridge for days, as long as you keep the lid on tightly.

Available in 260ml and 400ml bottles — now you can bring a little bit of Khana Commune back home.

Go to my brand new *Shop* page, to make your first order or pick up a bottle for yourself next time you dine at Khana Commune.


  • 260ml – $7.00
  • 400ml – $14.00

All wrapped and pretty’d up for you to take home.

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