on short hiatus

Writing in what is surely one of the most exciting weeks of 2011 (and 2010 to be honest), I am struggling to put this online as the internet is so.damn.slow in Dar-Es-Salaam. I am on a so-very-exciting vacation in Tanzania and Zanzibar, and yet my heart and mind are currently in many different spots around the world. My heart is with the Egyptians as they fight to reclaim this amazing country that I called home for nearly two years. My heart is in London where my beautiful older sister holds her firstborn, delivered quite unexpectedly a few weeks early on February 6th – I am an aunty! So from Tanzania, I will be heading to London for a week. Following that, upon my return home to Singapore, I start working at a brand new consultancy, one that specializes in something very close to my heart: food. Never mind that this is the month I turn a ripe old age of 27…..eek (the aunty title is quite appropriate). Exciting week, exciting month indeed!

With this in mind, I have to put Khana Commune on short hiatus – I have to cancel the commune on February 20th, as I will be in London then. Sincere apologies to my lovely guests who have made bookings already – but I will be doing a replacement dinner on Sunday March 6th instead. Promise to bring back lots of goodies from my travels and will be back soon with plenty of stories, new ingredients and lovely photos. Until then, lala salama!

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3 Responses to on short hiatus

  1. tarnima says:

    WOW! congrats to julie apu………and surekha’s review was hilarious!!
    can’t wait till it’s my turn
    love from maroc,

  2. Juls says:

    He was born 5th not 6th. What kind of Auntie… Walliao…

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