Pictures: The fifth commune

As it’s been raining for four days straight here on our humid little tropical island, Khana Commune had to move indoors for the fifth dinner. Last night saw a mix of new and familiar faces, with plenty of laughter ringing throughout our house. I spent the evening a tad nervous,  as I was finally serving…. the Intolerant Menu. One of my guests has numerous food intolerances, including dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, shellfish and even coconut. This nullifies simple, everyday ingredients such as butter or even sauces like oyster or soy sauce. It does however leave you with a world of vegetables, meat and fish, and of course, what Khana Commune knows best: spices! Although I started off the evening a tad nervous, I loosened up once I realised my guest wasn’t falling onto her plate, face-first. Here are a few snapshots from the evening:

Getting into the spirit of the new (Chinese) year, I adopted one of my favourite plants, the pussy willow.

To start: organic smoked salmon, cream cheese, lumpfish caviar

Intolerance alert: I served a portion without cream cheese.

Next up I served sticky rice, stuffed with green chilli diced chicken, and finally steamed in little pandan leaf parcels.

The green chilli recipe was a new one — inspired by a Goan dish I had in Soul Fry (Bandra, Bombay) over Christmas. Intolerance alert: I usually put coconut milk in this, but today I used water

Next up: whole roasted seabass baked with mum’s own sambal/chilli recipe. This dish is actually at its most mind-blowing when cooking it with a delicious oily mackerel — unfortunately, the mackerel in Singapore is pretty mediocre. Next time I’m in London, I’m loading up on mackerel.

And finally: Pan-seared lamb loin with truffled mushrooms [cooked in homemade beef broth. Intolerant alert: no Maggi beef buillion cubes allowed!]. Served on a bed of mashed potatoes, made from olive oil rather than butter/cream. Mama’s tomato chilli chutney on the side.

To sweeten: Fruit Chaat More photos on Facebook:

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