Pictures: The Third Commune

An inaugural meal. Tonight I hosted my first table of complete strangers. I was nervous but excited. Thankfully, I’ve already hosted a couple of dinners already and tonight was pulled off with less sweat, tears and frantic running around. Thanks to Alex Toh and friends for having open minds and open appetites! Here’s to the start of meeting many more new faces and hungry stomachs!


mushrooms in the oven

to start: Roasted fig, wrapped in turkey prosciutto, smothered in gorgonzola.

This dish was inspired (more like plagiarized) by a Buon Ricordo recipe. I visited Armando’s restaurant in Sydney in December 2009, on ChubbyHubby’s recommendation. Thankfully, I caught the fig season at the right time, the figs I bought were beautifully soft and sweet.

Beef & Lentil Tehari: Tehari is the Bangladeshi version of the Indian ‘biryani’. The meat and rice are cooked together, turning the rice a rich brown colour, and a softer, stickier texture. This dish is actually best eaten as leftovers. The flavors seep in, the rice and meat become more moist.

served with homemade tomato and chilli chutney
This is mum’s own recipe; tomatoes, garlic, sugar and chilli simmered over low heat to create this sweet-spicy gloop that just goes brilliantly with the Tehari.

Sambal prawn
This is Wati’s recipe. You can get sambal prawn everywhere in Singapore, but this version is my favourite.

peanut and pineapple salad

sago gula melaka (tapioca balls with palm sugar syrup) with coconut milk

This local dessert is strangely really difficult to find in Singapore. I have looked in hawker centre after hawker centre. Every dessert stall will have all the ingredients, but they never list this combination of sago, gula melaka and coconut milk as an item on the menu. I first learnt to make this in secondary school during home economics class (best course I ever did in school, math and biology never came to any bloody use!), went home and made it for my family and we have loved it since.

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