why I ought to feed only 8 people at a time

So last night, I tried something a little different. Instead of one table of 8, I served 12 guests, spread out on two tables. 8 guests around my beautiful new teak table and another 4 around our pre-existing BBQ table.

The night went well. Serving food was a bit manic, as the distance between my kitchen and patio is four times the distance I crossed three weeks ago when I hosted my first commune in the kitchen itself. But I managed. Ended the night prêt-ty pleased with myself. Bade farewell to my guests with a twinkle in my eye, a spring in my step……closed the door behind them…..

…..and realized I had completely forgotten to serve the birthday brownie cake I had baked for my friends Akanksha and Zareen.

I promise it exists. I even took a photo of it pre-oven-baking.

I even bought multi-coloured sparklers to light up when I came out with the cake, whilst singing Happy Birthday.

Here is the cake now. Notice the sad, sole bite I’ve taken out of it. Pretty heartbreaking stuff.

Maybe 12 people *was* too much. I might stick to 8 people for the next commune….

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One Response to why I ought to feed only 8 people at a time

  1. Zareen says:

    Agh that looks so good! Any leftovers?

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