Pictures: The Second Commune

Tonight Khana Commune became Khana Courtyard. I moved the second commune outside to our garden for tonight’s meal. I love outdoor dining, especially on these breezy December nights. Singapore is especially lovely this time of the year…..might as well take advantage of our beautiful weather! More pictures will up on facebook soon. But first, the khana……

(Apologies for the poor quality of photography, I was armed with a mere iPhone. Update: Actually, for an iPhone, these photos are pretty darn awesome! The 5 megapixel cam on the iPhone 4 rocks. I should probably still get a normal camera….)

to welcome

ricotta drizzled with truffled honey

stuffed mushrooms

to start

miso aubergine with danish blue cheese and crushed peanuts

to follow

mum’s traditional prawn curry

seven hour roasted leg of lamb

tofu and beansprouts stir-fry

to sweeten

mama’s homemade gulab jamoon (she actually has a secret ingredient for this, its that awesome)

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3 Responses to Pictures: The Second Commune

  1. Zareen says:

    Absolutely brilliant night Nancers! That 7 hour roast leg of lamb did not disappoint!

  2. Ffreefree says:

    Oh my God, the food looks delectable and the courtyard, just beautiful. Well done!

  3. Aiysha says:

    Simply beautiful! If only we lived in Singapore…

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