seven hour roast leg of heaven

Continuing with the Qurbani Eid festival theme…..the next commune is going to feature something really special. Every year when we go back to Bangladesh, my mother luggs back a TON of … “food items”. Let’s just say…the red meat generally imported into Singapore….is rubbish.

The meat in Bangladesh is fresh, is organically reared and

My mum’s been cooking this dish for years. But its usually been for big occasions: family reunions generally….simply because we don’t get good cuts of meat that easily.

Therefore, I am thrilled to announce, that my second commune ever will feature my mother’s Seven-Hour-Roasted Leg of Lamb.

(I am imagining deafening applause here by the way, maybe even a couple of panties being thrown in my direction)

It’s a fairly heavy dish, so I’m going to have to let it be the star of evening.

Vegetarians and pescatarians, steer clear.

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