In Pictures: The first commune

Pulled off my first ever supperclub! I was a little nervous about doing it all alone, but I am happy to report that all went well. Definitely grateful for this ‘trial run’ with my friends, I now know what changes to make to improve the next meal. Big hugs to my friends for their support! I’m already so excited about the next commune! Here are some photos:

camembert and cranberries

24-hour marinated sweet miso salmon

This dish was inspired by Nobu’s black cod miso, one of my favorite dishes when I am travelling. So far I’ve had a Nobu cod in London, Dubai and Melbourne! Unfortunately, Nobu hasn’t got a restaurant here in Singapore, and so I’ve gotta make do with making my own version of his fabulous dish.

achar made from indian olives

This is a popular pickle in Bangladesh, made from the Indian olive. Unlike most olives, the indian olive is much larger in size and quite crunchy.

indonesian peanut and pineapple salad

tangy mango dahl with coriander

blackened Qurbani beef

This is a Bangladeshi Qurbani festival specialty. Beef slowly cooked on the stove until it becomes quite dry and black, developing a very unique taste.

pistachio kulfi

Kulfi is a typical South Asian dessert. I tried to change it around a bit by adding blueberries as a garnishing.

More pictures are up on the *new* Facebook page! Click on the Facebook link on the right, and be sure to ‘Like’ it 🙂

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