Menu: Nov 28 – the first commune

Just back from a short trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to celebrate the Qurbani Eid festival with my family there. It can be a brutal, stomach-turning few days for anyone who can’t handle watching animals being slaughtered left, right and centre……But I am of the belief that if you can’t kill it yourself, you shouldn’t be eating it. Therefore, by 11am on Wednesday morning, I happily watched the slaughter of 8 cows and 4 point something goats. I would put up the pictures I took, except it may not be totally apropriate for a ‘food/supperclub’ blog. Not everyone likes to know where their meat’s come from.

Not surprisingly, we tend to overdose on red meat during the three days of this annual festival. Beef and mutton cooked in every imaginable way – cooked with lentils, as a biryani, as a bone marrow based dish, blackened on the stove…..the varieties are endless. So! in honour of this very foodie religious festival, I have decided to revamp my previously posted menu for the first commune. (might’ve made more sense to do something along Thanksgiving, except I am not about to risk making my first ever turkey for my first ever commune….). I also have a super-exciting dish planned already for the second commune, but more about that later!

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