the next step

Guest list decided. Invitations to be posted tomorrow! Gulp. That means its all locked in. So, now a menu has to be decided…..and more importantly, I need to make sure I can cook everything! The craziest part is, I’m going to be hosting my first ever supper club ALONE. Neither mum nor Wati are in town that weekend. Let’s hope I don’t burn the kitchen down, cooking a 6 course meal for 8 people. Last time I cooked this many courses for one sitting was in 2000 for my GCSE Food & Nutrition exams. Crap.

Which is why I’m trying to refresh my memory of some of mum’s best dishes before she jets off to Bangladesh for the Eid holiday. I’ve always known my mum had the makings of a really successful restaurantier, even without any formal training, because of things like this:

(this is a really good tip for those of you who cook alot)

We use ALOT of garlic and ginger in our cooking. So mum chops and blends a huge vat of each once in awhile, which creates a watery paste, which she then scoops into individual ice trays (a normal flat tray will work too). She then pops it into the freezer, and everytime she needs some garlic or ginger, rather than washing, peeling, chopping EVERY SINGLE TIME, all she does is open the freezer and take out however many cubes she might need. The flavour is retained, and the convenience, immense.

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1 Response to the next step

  1. t says:

    this is definitely a bangalee housewife thing because my mom does the same thing haha

    nance can you cook for me again in jan?


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